Jeremy, Livi & Micah

I’ve known this family for several years and it has been wonderful getting to know their little boy, too!  He was full of energy and very playful, which made the whole experience enjoyable and fun for everyone.  We were able to grab some unique shots on the Struble Trail and at Dowlin Forge!

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Jackie & Matt

This awesome couple wanted to incorporate their puppy into their session, which was really fun but also a challenge!  Children and animals always add some spice to a session and I think this puppy really did a great job considering it all!  🙂  Isn’t she cute?

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The “P” Family

This whole family is so attractive, I kind of felt like I was cheating with these pictures.  I really didn’t have to do much to make these pictures look good!  Seriously, this was an amazing way to start off, so thank you to the Price family for volunteering for this shoot, you guys are awesome!

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