These cuties go waaaaay back with my family!  The beautiful Machree (featured here with her baby) and I went to the same school while I was in kindergarten and she was in 1st grade!  Her sister (whose three little ones are featured here) became best friends with my sister at that time and they’re still best friends!  Needless to say, it was fun getting these photos of the next generation.  So special!

Ferguson Paul for Blog 609Ferguson Paul for Blog 610Ferguson Paul for Blog 608 Ferguson Paul for Blog 611

Natalie, Alivia, & Pierson



These little sweeties are the kids of my childbirth instructor, who also owns a small shop for baby and kids items.  She has been so gracious as to display our work in her home shop!  You can visit her shop here:

She is super creative, and it was fun incorporating these extra cute cute props that she brought along!  Umbrellas, boots, and cowboy hat!  Snyder for Blog 617 Snyder for Blog 615 Snyder for Blog 614 Snyder for Blog 613 Snyder for Blog 612

Asher is 1!

This little dude is just such a stylin’ kinda guy!  It helps that his mommy is the best stylist ever.  Isn’t his hair great?  We are pleased to do 1 year birthday portraits and 1 year birthday parties for a package deal– inquire if interested!

Asher for Blog 635Asher for Blog 634 Asher for Blog 636 Asher for Blog 637

Meg’s Maternity

Meg was so gracious as to be my first maternity model!  I can’t wait to photograph her little newborn in a few weeks (will it be Logan or will it be Emma?)  She definitely fits the “glowing” description of beautiful pregnant women.  I wish I looked this phenomenal at 9 months pregnant!

Meg for Blog 660Meg for Blog 657Meg for Blog 658Meg for Blog 659Meg for Blog 662