Zay’Vion is the youngest baby I’ve ever photographed! His sweet mama, Jalisa, invited me to come to the hospital after he was born to take these pictures. I felt truly honored to have this opportunity! His sweet little face is so adorable, and he was very alert and active already! We also learned that this little dude loves to be warm- every time we brought the space heater near him, he got all calm and peaceful! Such a sweetie. 

Baby Zay'Vion (1) Baby Zay'Vion (2) Baby Zay'Vion (3) Baby Zay'Vion

Micah & Julia (Cousins!

This is another set that I’ve been holding onto for a few weeks and am so excited to finally post! Livi & Ali are sisters-in-law and also are in our play group. I’m excited to share these photos, because not only am I freinds with the mommies, but I also the know grandparents of these little cuties. Enjoy!  Little Julia is also best buds with my daughter, so that makes it a little more fun, too.  🙂


Lake Verrillo (1) Lake Verrillo 1 Lake Verrillo 3 Lake Verrillo

Leah & Jack

I have been DYING to put these pictures up, but I had to wait until today because they were a Father’s Day present for my friend Leah’s husband!. Leah is a great friend and was my pregnancy and new mommy mentor (Jack was due 5 weeks before my daughter, so she was always a step ahead of me and so helpful and encouraging through it all!) It was such a joy to get these amazing smiles from her little dude– and he has the coolest accessories, too!!!
Jack (1)Jack Jack (3) Jack (2)

Happy Father’s Day!

I had the distinct pleasure of getting to photograph this adorable little guy when he was fewer than 24 hours old!  His mommy, Jalisa, allowed me to come to the hospital and get some pictures of him.  What an honor!  To top it off, it was Father’s Day, and this sweet daddy is a first time father!  Couldn’t be much more special of an occasion than this.  Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

Father's Day