Baby Oliver

You may remember Sarah and Dan from their maternity session a few months back. It was such an honor and a joy to meet their new addition, little Oliver! He was so sweet and relaxed through the whole shoot and I just fell in love with him right away! I’m so pleased we were able to capture these sweet family and newborn moments. — in Malvern, PA.

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The “M” Family

There are few things more special than time spent with Grandma and Grandpa. It was such an honor to work with this sweet couple, their children, and grand children! Thank you for entrusting me with your family memories! — at Gardners Landscape Nursery.

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The “B” Family

This precious family traveled all the way from England for this photoshoot! (Okay, okay, they were visiting family here, but it was still exciting for me…) They were so fun and adorable, and especially pleasant and in good spirits considering it was 3 degrees that day! Thanks again to Gardners Landscape Nursery for letting us use this space for free!

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Dave, Lauren & Gwen

I met Lauren through work back when I was still working for the Chester County Intermediate Unit before I started my photography business. She and I were both interested in having kids around the same time, and she had her sweet little Gwen just a few short months after my little one was born! I was so excited when she asked me to photograph her little family, as well as her extended family! (More photos to come including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!) Many thanks to Gardners Landscape Nursery for allowing us to use their indoor greenhouse space on a frigid 3 degree morning!

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Baby Pete

Little Pete’s mama Katie contacted me after we connected through a Main Line Parents’ group on Facebook. I was thrilled that she wanted me to come do a shoot for her adorable family! The whole family was so sweet and even Grandma was there to help out when needed. Kira was an absolutely adoring big sister and Pete was the most cooperative newborn I’ve ever photographed! — in Wayne, PA.

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