The “O” Family | Family

This beautiful family was so much fun! I am thrilled I was able to do their family photos for the second year in a row and see how little Miss E and little J have grown in stature and personality! I had the chance to see their lovely home and property and had a blast chasing everyone around the yard last Saturday. What a great time!

IMG_3788 IMG_3911 IMG_4083 IMG_4307 IMG_4600

The “V” Family | Family

This was my 3rd time working this this amazing family… last year I did fall family portraits, this summer I did Valerie’s newborn photos, and I’m proud to be doing their family pictures again this year!  I’m so thrilled with how photogenic this family of 5 is and I had such an amazing time capturing their smiles, styles, and personalities.  Thank you for working with me once again!

IMG_2475 IMG_2497 IMG_2545 IMG_2582 IMG_2731 IMG_2767 IMG_2872 IMG_2940-eyeswapped

Logan Riley | Newborn

This sweet little girl was a lot of fun and a perfect little poser! She slept beautifully and gave her mommy some beautiful little smiles. I had such a great time working with her and just love how these photos turned out!

IMG_1620 IMG_1735 IMG_1754
IMG_2013 IMG_2048 IMG_2108

The “M” Family | Family

We watched goats, we chased toddlers, we rocked babies, and we played in the beautiful fall leaves. We had perfect weather and so much fun! I was honored to work with this beautiful family.

IMG_0807IMG_0679 IMG_0849 IMG_0888 IMG_1163 IMG_1322 IMG_1360

Baby N | Newborn

This little guy is just beyond perfect! I had so much fun working with him and his parents and feel so blessed to call them all friends! I’m looking forward to taking many more pictures of this little dude in the future. Congrats, Deb & Phil!

IMG_0186IMG_0079IMG_0175 IMG_0263 IMG_0297 IMG_0317 IMG_0543