Baby Ellis | Newborn

I am continuing my pursuit of lifestyle newborn photography! I love this new phase in my photography journey!  Little Ellis was one month old when these were shot and I had such a great time working with him and his sweet family in their Coatesville home. I was connected to this family last minute and just in time since I was about to go on maternity leave myself! I hope you enjoy these precious family moments. 🙂

IMG_6985 IMG_6993 IMG_7114 IMG_7170 IMG_7210 IMG_7250 IMG_7262 IMG_7295 IMG_7312

Baby Oliver

You may remember Sarah and Dan from their maternity session a few months back. It was such an honor and a joy to meet their new addition, little Oliver! He was so sweet and relaxed through the whole shoot and I just fell in love with him right away! I’m so pleased we were able to capture these sweet family and newborn moments. — in Malvern, PA.

IMG_6345 (1) IMG_6357 IMG_6390 - Version 2 IMG_6497 IMG_6536 (1) IMG_6569 IMG_6600 - Version 2

Baby Pete

Little Pete’s mama Katie contacted me after we connected through a Main Line Parents’ group on Facebook. I was thrilled that she wanted me to come do a shoot for her adorable family! The whole family was so sweet and even Grandma was there to help out when needed. Kira was an absolutely adoring big sister and Pete was the most cooperative newborn I’ve ever photographed! — in Wayne, PA.

IMG_2650 (1) IMG_2816 - Version 2 IMG_2859 - Version 2 IMG_2872 IMG_2990 IMG_3009

Baby Andrew

I’m so happy to be friends with Andrew’s sweet mama, Karin, and was so excited when she asked me to take some newborn photos when she was expecting! I gloat just a little bit that I often get to be one of the first visitors to the newborns since I have to get in quickly to take their pictures! Andrew was a little sweetie and so adorable! — in Malvern.

Andrew (1) Andrew (2) Andrew (3) Andrew (4)Andrew (6) Andrew