Amulya + Stanley | Maternity

I can’t get over how beautiful Amulya, her mother, and their absolutely stunning sari’s are! (Stanley’s not half bad, either :)) I have had the pleasure of getting to know this sweet couple better over this past year of their marriage, and Amulya couldn’t be sweeter! I just adore her and her kind, loving, Godly spirit. I only wish my photos could truly do this couple justice! Baby A. is one lucky little girl to have these wonderful parents.

IMG_8979 IMG_8989 IMG_9001 IMG_9159 IMG_9173 IMG_9227 IMG_9237 IMG_9448

Heather’s Maternity Session | Maternity | Families

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this sweet family several times in the past, and little Kayden is always the most amazing smiler! Now he’s turning 2 and has a little brother on the way! I’m so happy to be able to help create these memories for this adorable bunch!IMG_8347IMG_8236 IMG_8388 IMG_8499 IMG_8514 IMG_8561 IMG_8663 IMG_8696

The M. Family | Maternity | Families

Brittany is a former coworker of my husband’s and for years now has been a very vocal commenter on my photography! I’m thrilled that I finally had the chance to meet her in person as well as her beautiful family and adorable baby bump! She has an amazing sense of style, and I just love the hot pink in contrast with the greens and yellows of the garden. It was fun shooting in a new location down in Delaware, too! So looking forward to meeting their little dude in December.

IMG_7091 IMG_7132 IMG_7158 IMG_7169 IMG_7225-Edit-2 IMG_7338 IMG_7346 IMG_7457 IMG_7807

The C. Family | Maternity | Families

I just adore this family and am so thrilled to be able to document them in this long journey of becoming a family of 4. Little Malcolm was born last week, and I’m so excited to meet him! I know Morgana is already the “coolest sister ever”! Mary is an amazing teacher and so wonderful with children. People used to ask her if she has children, and she would respond with “Yes, 25 of them!” She’s had many children in her life, but I’m so glad that Morgana and Malcolm have the pleasure of being children who get to call her “Mama.” Much love and congratulations, Mary and Phil!

IMG_6008 IMG_6223 IMG_6425 IMG_6542 IMG_6557 IMG_6614 IMG_6650

David + Lorna | Maternity

I’ve been friends with Lorna and David since they started attending our church back in 2008. After many years of study and hard work, Lorna has completed her doctorate and David has completed his master’s degree! Both are starting new jobs, and OH YEAH… they’re having a BABY GIRL! Wow, what a year for these two (almost three)! Congratulations to your highly accomplished family, guys! I can’t wait to meet and photograph Julia next month!


Laurie | Maternity

I’m so thrilled with how my first “lifestyle maternity” session turned out! Laurie is a fellow photographer and fellow pregnant mama with an older daughter, so we have lots in common and always tons to talk about whenever we see each other! She will be doing my maternity photos tomorrow. I love how this shoot offers a glimpse into their lives, their sweet family, and their beautiful home! Thanks, Laurie, Nick, Leah, & little girl for hanging out with me!

IMG_0484 IMG_0606 IMG_0730 IMG_0807 IMG_0824 IMG_0833 IMG_0854 IMG_0901 IMG_0924

Abigail & Joseph | Maternity

These two were so much fun to work with last Saturday and we had some great adventures climbing up and down some hills and by some streams. Abigail’s smile was contagious and it was a joy to see the excitement and anticipation on her face as she prepares for their little guy to arrive! All in all, a perfect day. — at Valley Forge National Historical Park.


Aliza, Josh & Henry | Maternity

This was my second year working with this adorable family and it is such a pleasure to see little Henry growing! With a little girl on the way, I know they are all going to be even more adorable next year! I just love baby bellies, too. 🙂


Stacy, Joe & Lucas | Maternity

I was so thrilled to work with this adorable family and am so happy for them that they will be welcoming a new little one into the world very soon! Stacy is a radiant pregnant lady, Joe is a proud daddy, and Lucas is going to be a fantastic big bro. Can’t wait to meet the littlest one!

IMG_8867 IMG_8898 IMG_8937 IMG_8987IMG_9074IMG_9051 IMG_9135 IMG_9165

Deb & Phil | Maternity

I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous my friend is! People often ask me what my favorite type of shoot is, and I think maternity is becoming the answer. It is such a special period in life that lasts for such a short time, and I always feel a bit spoiled when working with adults since they tend to listen to my directions! For this shoot I had the added luxury of getting to hang out with two awesome friends! Can’t wait to meet their little guy!
IMG_6333 IMG_6390IMG_6376IMG_6403IMG_6446IMG_6502IMG_6511IMG_6676