The “O” Family | Families

This was my first time shooting at Ridley Creek State Park, and it was completely PACKED with other photographers that night! No surprise, either, considering how amazing the foliage was and how many fun locations there were to shoot. I had an amazing time with this family, and particularly their adorably cute twin two-year-old girls! We had lots of giggles and fun in the leaves. I’m so proud to have captured this family in their element!

— at Ridley Creek State Park.

IMG_4980IMG_5166 IMG_5238 IMG_5411 IMG_5504 IMG_5604

Hannah & Rachael

I had the pleasure of photographing these two cuties when they were newborns for my very first twin newborn shoot! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten or how cute and smiley they’ve become! We had a great time in the flowers, grass, and playing in the water fountain. These little sweeties are just too adorable for words!


The “J” Family

These four are our former next-door neighbors who we haven’t seen since they moved a few years back. I was so flattered when Maria contacted me about my work and was interested in getting family pictures taken! The twins were still babies when I knew them, so it was fantastic to see how they’ve developed such playful and different personalities. We had a blast running around the park on a lovely fall morning!

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