The F. Family | Families | Main Line and Chester County Family Photographer

This is just one of the sweetest families I’ve ever had the experience to work with! Back in 2014 I had the pleasure of doing E’s newborn photos, and she just seems to get more and more precious as time goes on! Big brother D. is such a fun, smiley kid, and Schantal and Jorge are both such fun people! I’m so happy to have them as friends (and get to take their pictures, too!!) 🙂

IMG_7527IMG_7517 IMG_7539IMG_7600IMG_7567 IMG_7768 IMG_7784 IMG_7796 IMG_7804 IMG_7850

Baby Grace | Newborn

We had an absolutely perfect winter morning with this beautiful lady! She was so cooperative, sleepy, and sweet! Her parents were a joy to talk to and I adored capturing the love they all had for each other. Congratulations, Brooke & Tom on your precious little daughter!

IMG_0011 IMG_0043 IMG_0102 IMG_0150 IMG_0178 IMG_0223 IMG_9868 IMG_9892

The “H” Family | Families

It was election day and we had the fun chance to squeeze in a shoot in between family activities. I just love their bright colors and had such a great time watching this family interact. It was a beautiful day and we we able to capture some of the last of the beautiful fall foliage. Perfect day! — at Oakbourne Mansion and Park.IMG_6922IMG_7140IMG_7059IMG_7089IMG_7138 IMG_7202

The “M” Family | Families

I’m just thrilled with how these all turned out! We had such a fun time at Springton Manor Farm with the smiliest little guy ever… you’d never know it from his demeanor, but this little 1-year-old had skipped his nap today and somehow still managed to put out the best grins imaginable! It’s been so fun working with this bunch so many times now. Can’t wait until next session! — at Springton Manor Farm.

IMG_6324 IMG_6393IMG_6783IMG_6561IMG_6800IMG_6455IMG_6609

The “O” Family | Family

This beautiful family was so much fun! I am thrilled I was able to do their family photos for the second year in a row and see how little Miss E and little J have grown in stature and personality! I had the chance to see their lovely home and property and had a blast chasing everyone around the yard last Saturday. What a great time!

IMG_3788 IMG_3911 IMG_4083 IMG_4307 IMG_4600

The “M” Family | Family

We watched goats, we chased toddlers, we rocked babies, and we played in the beautiful fall leaves. We had perfect weather and so much fun! I was honored to work with this beautiful family.

IMG_0807IMG_0679 IMG_0849 IMG_0888 IMG_1163 IMG_1322 IMG_1360

Laurie, Nick & Leah | Family

Laurie is a fantastic photographer and also a friend of mine. Our two little girls just adore each other and can’t stop smiling when they’re together! We had such a fun time at this shoot at Immaculata University! Summer was the perfect setting since we had the whole campus to ourselves! Laurie has been so gracious as to agree to do a family shoot for me in return, so I’m super excited for that session to come up! 🙂

Beautiful family + gorgeous day + unusually cooperative and smiley toddler = perfect photo session!

IMG_9378IMG_9335IMG_9306 IMG_9437 IMG_9459 IMG_9470 IMG_9499 IMG_9541

Eloisa | Newborn

Baby Eloisa is one of the most precious little darlings I’ve ever met, her Mama is such a sweet, beautiful woman, her Daddy is fun and playful, and her big brother has a smile and personality beyond compare! It was a true honor and privilege to work with this fantastic family and their beautiful, new little girl! I had so much fun doing this shoot and was thrilled with how everything turned out. Thank you, Schantal, Jorge, Diego, and Eloisa for spending a fun, beautiful day with me and my camera!

IMG_6835 IMG_7054 IMG_7116 IMG_7173 IMG_7291 IMG_7325 IMG_7428 IMG_7557 IMG_7685


The “W” Family

Kathleen and I met through our local Downingtown MOMs Club, and I was so excited when she asked me to take some photos of her adorable little boys. A few days before the shoot, she let me know her older daughter wanted to be included too, and I was so thrilled to capture photos of all four of these amazing kiddos! I had a great time running around Kerr Park and making a fool of myself to get these smiles. A special thanks to the lawn-mowing tractor lady who drove around behind me to get the boys looking at me! I think you’ll love these smiles.

IMG_2996-2IMG_2608 IMG_2698 IMG_2967

Baby Logan | Newborn

Jess and Kevin have three absolutely GORGEOUS little girls, and now the big sisters have an adorable little brother to dote on. Logan was incredibly precious and I had so much fun holding him and helping him fall asleep for this shoot (eeek, his little newborn smell and newborn features were just too much!) I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to work with this amazing family!IMG_6258IMG_5790IMG_5851IMG_6184-2IMG_6202IMG_6221IMG_5678