The “V” Family | Family

This was my 3rd time working this this amazing family… last year I did fall family portraits, this summer I did Valerie’s newborn photos, and I’m proud to be doing their family pictures again this year!  I’m so thrilled with how photogenic this family of 5 is and I had such an amazing time capturing their smiles, styles, and personalities.  Thank you for working with me once again!

IMG_2475 IMG_2497 IMG_2545 IMG_2582 IMG_2731 IMG_2767 IMG_2872 IMG_2940-eyeswapped


These cuties go waaaaay back with my family!  The beautiful Machree (featured here with her baby) and I went to the same school while I was in kindergarten and she was in 1st grade!  Her sister (whose three little ones are featured here) became best friends with my sister at that time and they’re still best friends!  Needless to say, it was fun getting these photos of the next generation.  So special!

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