Baby Milun | Newborns

It was a perfect fall evening with this little dude and his family. They had a gorgeous home and so much space! Plenty of natural light, beautiful family interaction, and a ton of newborn cuteness. I love sessions like this! — in Wynnewood, PA.

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Baby N | Newborn

This little guy is just beyond perfect! I had so much fun working with him and his parents and feel so blessed to call them all friends! I’m looking forward to taking many more pictures of this little dude in the future. Congrats, Deb & Phil!

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Eloisa | Newborn

Baby Eloisa is one of the most precious little darlings I’ve ever met, her Mama is such a sweet, beautiful woman, her Daddy is fun and playful, and her big brother has a smile and personality beyond compare! It was a true honor and privilege to work with this fantastic family and their beautiful, new little girl! I had so much fun doing this shoot and was thrilled with how everything turned out. Thank you, Schantal, Jorge, Diego, and Eloisa for spending a fun, beautiful day with me and my camera!

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Baby Logan | Newborn

Jess and Kevin have three absolutely GORGEOUS little girls, and now the big sisters have an adorable little brother to dote on. Logan was incredibly precious and I had so much fun holding him and helping him fall asleep for this shoot (eeek, his little newborn smell and newborn features were just too much!) I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to work with this amazing family!IMG_6258IMG_5790IMG_5851IMG_6184-2IMG_6202IMG_6221IMG_5678

Kael Lucas

After Kaydeon and Kevin’s maternity shoot a few months back, (which turned out to be one of my favorite shoots of all time!!) I was thrilled to have the privilege of working with them again for these newborn photos! Baby Kael was adorable, sweet, squishy, and so cooperative. I love the photos of him alone and also the ones demonstrating the sweet interaction between his parents and him. Congrats to this beautiful family and thank you for entrusting me with your family photos!

IMG_2169IMG_2348IMG_2097IMG_2405IMG_2325IMG_2227 IMG_2381

Sweet Amelia

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little girl and her family while going for a stroll in my neighborhood! She was a ripe old age of 4 days, and I just couldn’t believe how fantastic her mother looked so soon after delivery! I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful little lady in the natural light of her open Downingtown home, as well as meet some new neighbors. Amelia even has a big brother who is the same age as my daughter, so I’m sure there is plenty of fun to be had in the future with this little one!

IMG_5225 IMG_5248 IMG_5292 (1) IMG_5141 - Version 2 IMG_5084 - Version 3

Baby Luke

Little Luke is such a precious little boy and has such beautiful parents! Hi has big, bright eyes (which you can see in his crib picture!), and you can already see the love between him and his family. It was such a joy to photograph these fleeting newborn moments for this family, and we were even blessed with some beautiful weather and a chance to take some outside shots (a rarity with babies so tiny)! Thank you, Kelley & Steve for entrusting me with the honor of capturing family memories!

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Baby Pete

Little Pete’s mama Katie contacted me after we connected through a Main Line Parents’ group on Facebook. I was thrilled that she wanted me to come do a shoot for her adorable family! The whole family was so sweet and even Grandma was there to help out when needed. Kira was an absolutely adoring big sister and Pete was the most cooperative newborn I’ve ever photographed! — in Wayne, PA.

IMG_2650 (1) IMG_2816 - Version 2 IMG_2859 - Version 2 IMG_2872 IMG_2990 IMG_3009